I would like to say thank you to:

  • my husband Friedhelm, who set the ball rolling with the purchase of the paintings

  • my children Katharina and Konstantin for the photographs and competent and patient PC instruction

  • Alexander Teumer for programming of the web pages and PC emergency assistance by remote diagnostics

  • Rainer Pauli for motivation and suggestions as well as the determination of alpine and Mediterranean subjects/sujets

  • Peter and Julia Ritter, San Francisco, California, for proof-reading and polishing of my English translation

  • Silvia Hagmayer, Daniela and Marco Frullanti, Parma, for the Italian translation of the biographies

  • Claudio Nodari, Torbole sul Garda, for the Italian translation of "As everything began" and "Searching Traces: Torbole"

  • Paolo Catti De Gasperi, Rome, for the Italian translation of the eCards, for his preface for "Searching Traces: Torbole" and for his help to save the artist Wilhelm Hofelich from sinking into oblivion

  • Riccardo Rinaldi, Tirano, for proof-reading of my italian translation of "Rome, moments" and "Marina"

  • Sandro Morriconi, Pienza, for his helpfulness concerning my attempts of Italian translations

  • Nico de Jong, Groningen, for the Dutch abbreviated version

  • Christoph Berg for clarifying of Corsican subjects

  • Melanie Hinz for her photo of the Via Appia Antica.

  • Oldmayor Walter Eberl, Bernried, and Dr. Walburga Scherbaum, archivist of the Bernried community, for helpful information

  • Maria Theobald for comprehensive information about the history of the house, Reitweg 8 in Bernried, and for making old photographs available

  • Gilding master Walter Gommel, Ludwigsburg for professional consultation and sensational framings


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